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What is your favorite breakfast?

90 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Chocolate Chip Pancakes, Crispy Bacon, Cheddar Cheese Grits, Crispy Hash Browns, and Regular Coffee.

What country are you from?

30 answers · 9 hours ago

Do you do any drugs?

35 answers · 19 hours ago
Best answer: No. I would never take recreational ones, because they are threatening to my health, livelihood, capability and appearance. They are also deeply degenerate. Drugs should never be taken outside of valid medical use. People who are not inadequates do not need drugs to entertain themselves.

Have you ever met a Brazilian?

135 answers · 4 days ago
Im Brazilian

Do you have a Pornhub account?

29 answers · 2 days ago

Best answer: Lord of the Flies by William Golding [ fiction] and Ascent of Everest by John Hunt [factual].

Best answer: I cannot lie anymore. I am in fact a Lean, Mean, Supersonic Sex Machine Demigod from the Godlands.

Best answer: nope..im in shorts

At what age did you learn to swim?

26 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: I was 5

Best answer: None. I do not want any children at all.

Best answer: Milk Tea

Is a sandwich a healthy lunch?

15 answers · 12 hours ago
steak sandwich with cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, avocado.