Fast Food's questions - Finnish iziqna

I'm spending $25+ on McDonalds every day, I need something cheaper...I usually order a couple of burgers, couple of fries & McFlurrie/s... thanks xx

Best answer: Yes, it’s on a big sign in front of a Wendy’s in my area. Get the double stack, it’s a quarter pound of beef, and cheaper than a Dave’s Single.

Favorite food item from McDonald's?

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Frappe for me.

Best answer: Never. They don't have to now that everything is a frozen meal. Heat it and eat it all day and all night

Best answer: Yes we do still have it.


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I just went to McDonalds for a chicken snack wrap, I get these sometimes after work because I work late and some days I just don t want to make food. Well, it appears that they are out of the regular wrappers for the chicken wraps. They used one of the wrappers for the hamburgers. Those wrappers feel different and... show more

So I ordered a sweet tea and they gave me root beer, thought okay no problem I like root beer anyways well as I drank half way thru the root beer, I noticed a lemon in my root beer, I was so pissed. Am I going to get sick? Why would they do that air heads, am I going to be fine?

McAfee or McDonald's??

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Best answer: Beef Burrito, soft taco, nachos bel grande

Pizza Hut or Papa Johns?

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which is better

will they i.d me?

Is IHOb good?

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Qdoba, Chipotle or Salsarita's?

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Best answer: Qdoba definitely

Best answer: Subway expanded to over saturate the market. There are well over 10 locations within a 5 mile radius of my home, including inside a Wal*Mart and in several gas stations. They have suffered from bad publicity when their spokesman was convicted of child molestation and also from claims that the advertised size of... show more

Best answer: Chicken Quesadilla and crunchy taco.