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I had my battery changed around 8 months ago and the guy connected my battery incorrectly and my stereo no longer works. It is an aftermarket one so doesn’t need a code. I have checked the fuses in the glovebox and under the bonnet. I’m stuck on what I should check next. Any help would be appreciated thanks in advance

What is wrong with my Mustang?

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Best answer: For the most part, swapping out the speakers should not affect battery life. About the only scenario I can think of that might cause a problem: If the new speakers are a lot less efficient than the old ones, your mom might turn up the volume control to compensate. That would draw more current from the battery... show more

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Hello everyone.?

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So I got a new radio installed a while ago and the sound isn t coming out of the back speakers? It was working with the old radio but not the new one. Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this myself?

Do you think this car is a good deal?

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I just bought a new Sony XAV-AX100 and installed it on my 2007 pontiac grand prix and after hooking it up it makes a static noise through the speakers I checked every wire to make sure and also changed different ground points and still cant figure out what the problem is

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