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Best answer: Prince George, Is the monarchies only hope.

Should we pay more for the royals.?

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Best answer: No, there was a program on T.V last night and a conservative estimate was, that it costs £348,000,000 a year in travel and security. The Royal train alone costs more than £20,000 a trip. £20,000, that could top up quite a few food banks. I understand that, as head of state, The Queen shouldn't seen hoping onto... show more

Best answer: They all go hunting with guns. Also own loads of horses and dogs. Even though they are royalty they can still do bad things. Basically they can do what they want. I think if one or more of them said I want to go out and kill something I am sure it would be arranged.

Best answer: We are told the royals boost tourism. Which I agree it does. However we, the taxpayer, end up financing the charade whether we like it or not. You may also have noticed that they are breeding like rabbits. I would turn them into a charity and let those that worship them pay for their upkeep.

Best answer: George will still need too many cushions for him to see the road properly.

Best answer: Is Princess Kate building a sand castle on a Canadian beach good enough for you?

Best answer: no im not nun

Best answer: Queen Victoria wore a tweed suit at all times, and was copied by her close friends and other royals, now everybody has a tweed suit.

Best answer: Outside of her dying in some insane way, at this point her passing would come off as expected. I suppose my reaction would be to wonder what's for dinner that night since it would have zero impact on anyone or anything within my existence.

Best answer: In more recent times, Princess Grace of Monaco and King Baudouin of Belgium come to mind. Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, Queen Victoria, King Ludwig II of Bavaria are listed as deceased royals who were pictured in death.

Or would it be 'queen of England'?

Best answer: That would be King George VI and his Consort Queen Elizabeth (parents of Queen Elizabeth II) when they visited President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, DC in 1939. During an informal outing with the President, the King and Queen were served hot dogs. They were unfamiliar with hot dogs and didn't know the... show more