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Most people cannot relate to Alexander because he was the Crown Prince born into a Royal family. Just as most people cannot relate to HRH Prince Philip who was born into the Royal houses of Greece and Denmark. Also, most people cannot relate to Caesar who was born into a prominent Patrician family in the last... show more

Best answer: Most are hoping he will have to Not be king and hand it ti Willian.

Best answer: The monarchy, along with all its trappings, is an anachronism that should be abolished

Best answer: Don't think that it matters who has it, Its the fact that it exists is the interesting thing. Thank god for the free press.

Are the royal males circumcised.?

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Best answer: They own the stock exchange.

Best answer: Forced smile, through gritted teeth, one wonders what they have in common.

Best answer: Yes indeed. His birth certificate has his father down as unknown Pakistani merchant seaman.