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Best answer: Under the present circumstances, they need all the properties they can muster ..due to their teaming off/springs all being supported by the state.

Do Royals ever tax avoid?

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Best answer: "Prince of Wales is not liable to pay corporation or capital gains tax, a senior royal aide has told MPs on the Public Accounts Committee. William Nye said the Duchy of Cornwall - which provides the heir to the throne with a private income - was not a corporation... show more

Best answer: Princess Aiko would have been Empress in her own right, had the change to the law gone ahead but, since the birth of Prince Hisahito, her cousin, the change in the law was quietly dropped. How the IHA, allow imperial family members to behave in public and in private, is closely guarded information. Very little is... show more

Best answer: If the quote below from Prince Harry doesn’t settle this pedantic issue once and for all, I don’t know what will. I present proof that even Prince Harry calls his grandmother “The Queen of England”. He is quoted as having introduced himself to young people in Africa as “the Queen of England’s grandson, Princess... show more

Prince william and princess diana?

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If Princess Diana was princess of whales why are her sons harry and william considered future kings of engalnd?

Best answer: No, any disassociation by the next King and his old mistress would swiftly be reversed by her two sons, Charles and his current wife, know that there is NOTHING they can do to eradicate the memory and popularity of Diana, Princess of Wales and it would only make them even more unpopular than they are now.

Best answer: The tradition of calling the ruler of Monaco "prince" dates back close to a thousand years. After the collapse of the western Roman empire, and the rise of the church as a power in Europe, much of the area came to be part of the Holy Roman Empire. This empire was nominally ruled by the Pope, but in... show more

Best answer: Sadly, they would hide the afflicted person away.

Best answer: They knew when they first met, when she was 13 and he was 18. Elizabeth would have been told, "Your cousin Philip is coming to tea." She might even have heard people speak of him as "Cousin Philip" well before she met him. If she'd been curious, she might have asked her parents or her... show more

Best answer: I would imagine that they found the affair worrying, disgusting etc. but would not have been in the position to say that. Also, their young lives must have been blighted by the publicity about their mother. She deserved it but her children did not.

Best answer: Supposedly they smoked pot with Prince Charles before the ceremony.

What kind of a Princess would you rather be, Like Princess Anne, Or Princess Diana? Note, I don't mean, by the people im particular, just by their specific positions as Princesses. You know what i mean? Good.

Best answer: No; Edward was forced to abdicate before the coronation ceremony; his abdication date was 11 December 1936. His brother, George VI, was his successor, and George used the original coronation date that was slated for Edward, 12 May 1937. A coronation is a formal blessing service that takes time to plan,(a year or... show more

Best answer: She says shes an aristocrat that played polo and social climbed ,alot of woffle and toffel.She would of done the charity balls and lunches .She also had sexual liaison s with Prince Charles whilst Diana was pregnant and throughout the entire marriage to Diana*

Best answer: He wants his place on the throne and be in the limelight for however long he lasts,or Camilla is keeping on at him about how much she wants to be queen,to be honest why do we even need a monarchy anymore?its so old fashioned.

How racist.

Best answer: No. He’s a hero. Women want to be equal so why would it be wrong for the man to live off his wife. You got to admit that he’s got big balls to marry his distant cousin.