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if i buy a 'hdmi switch' will the thing operate correctly for me?

Will my tv work in Europe (220v)?

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I have a Sony television that I plan to move from the U.S. to Europe, where the voltage in the country i'm going is 220v. The label behind tv states: 110v~240v 50/60HZ. Does this mean I only need plug adapter and not converter?

I want to drop Cablevision, along with my landline and get Verizon FiOS just for tv, and use T-Mobile for internet service for my cell and tablet. I really annoys me that Altice, a foreign company, took over Cablevision, lied about not laying off workers in their contract with Cablevision, and now are gouging... show more

Foolishly I broke a CRT TV screen in my basement about a year ago. I opened a window, left the room, cleaned it up after a few minutes and moved it out of the house. I then left the house for a few hours. I held my breath when it first happened so I don’t think I breathed anything in, but my concern is that toxic... show more


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I have an old. Emachine note book with a female VGA exit....can I just buy a VGA to HDMI cable and plug it into my TV. Or is it more complicated than that? Thanks

So i awoke to my tv on this morning which was weird since i didnt turn it on. I decided to ask my dad if he did but he denied it and my mom didnt do it either. If i had done it that is slightly inpoddible because i have a direct tv remote and whoever is out there who ahs it onow that you must slide the option... show more

I bought a 32" samsung TV model UN32EH4003 in 2013 so it's 5 years old. The other afternoon it was working fine turned it off for a few hours came back turned the tv with my Ps4 heard sound but had no picture. just a blank black screen. I can't use the remote because i can't see anything. I have no... show more

Best answer: This looks like it should be suitable.

Best answer: for simplifying ... on composite signal (yellow), there are signal Y and signal COLOR on component signals, the green is only signal Y without color signal so we can use the green instead of the yellow but no color today the green is substituted with the yellow , when the blue and the red loaded ( using component)... show more

I was Driving home and saw tv sitting beside the road i figured it didnt work but checked it out anyway it was a 55 inch Sony it had a note wrapped around it that said HDMI input inop Please take. So i took it home plugged it in and it works great so far.seems to good to be true what should i do?

I got a tv from my old job who wanted to upgrade to a better tv and I found out it doesn't have an hdmi port. Here's a picture of whats on the back Is there a cable or a converter that would work?

I have recently bought a DP to HDMI adapter to plug into the back of my Computer. When I plug the HDMI cable from the adapter into the HDMI slot in my TV nothing happens. Ive tried using the same HDMI on a different TV and it works? the adapter is working , the adapter is working but it wont work on my TV. I have... show more

Phone to tv hookup?

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Is it possible to hook up an android phone to a tv so that you can watch what’s on the phone, on the tv?