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Honda cannot fix my car what can I do?

11 answers · Honda · 23 hours ago
I have a Honda HRV it;s 2 years old so under warranty for another year. It makes a grinding noise on acceleration. The service dept. acknowledges the sound but they say as of now there is no fix. We hate the sound and it is not pleasent to drive. Can't do the lemon law over the miles- (18,000) and we own... show more

Interchangeable Honda parts?

8 answers · Honda · 21 hours ago
Can I take a factory radiator from a 93 model Honda and use it in my 03 Honda civic?

How's the christmas shopping coming along?

8 answers · Maruti · 16 hours ago

Why is the overflow tank always full but the radiator level is low on the indicator 2003 Jeep with a hundred and seventy-five thousand miles

How much does it cost to replace a motor?

10 answers · Mazda · 4 days ago
So I was looking on Craigslist for a Mazda rx-8, and there’s one that’s super cheap, but the guy noted that the motor needs to be replaced. Obviously because it’s a defect of the rotary engine.

I’d prefer the mustang as a Canadian

My girlfriends has an old honda civic and i noticed the engine is knocking. I dont wanna her to drive it like that. I want to buy her something safe and reliable especially since she is pregnant. I was thinking of getting a 2018 toyota camry or maybe a suv like a toyota rav4. What do you think?

I have a 1997 Ford Expedition that needs the radiator replaced. My father in law has a brand new radiator for a 2001 Ford F-250 . Does anyone know if it will fit my expedition? Thanks in advance.

Have anyone had a better time with the car being stock? My 2014 Mustang V6 was a second faster. It always hit around 6.7.

I'm ordering a wheel bearing for my 2002 Grand am and the part is for a 2000 Grand am just want to know if its the same fit. Mine is a 2002 Grand Am Gt 3.4 L V6, not sure what the part is for in the sense of model but its for a 2000 grand am, its brand new so no answers saying don't replace mine with a used... show more

The AT Check is on and the Brake warning is on the dash the car wont start so im asumming it has to do with eother the at check or the brake light

Hello guys I have owned a 2006 Toyota Camry XLE V6 from an owner and the car got some muffler issues. Also when I got it, it got some lights on the dashboard. VSC, Trac OFF, ABS, and brake light on. Just fixed the brake caliper, put new gas fuel door and new gas cap, and the pipe, but needs new muffler. And also... show more

Is Mazda 6 a reliable car?

5 answers · Mazda · 2 days ago
I’m looking to buy a new car and just wanna hear people’s opinions about Mazda 6. Let me know what you’ve experienced with it and if there’s any cons also.

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