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In the Bible Jesus said call nobody father except your father in heaven. I’m thinking about calling my father by his first name but I haven’t worked up the courage. But in school I don’t call the priests father anymore because of this. They think it’s because some lack of respect but not at all. I must follow Jesus... show more

Best answer: The New World Translation, the American Standard Version, Young's Literal Translation, NKJV. There might be more, but that's all I'm aware of.

Is community service necessary?

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Best answer: it is if you want a "community"

Where can I do community service?

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I’m on probation and I have to do 50 hours, anyone know where I could do them in the OC area? I’m 16

Best answer: Growth of any kind is a process, and growth in Christ is a process of dying to self, extinguishing the carnal nature/mind; all which are about being made free from the blinding of darkness and walking into the Light. Without awareness of own faults/sins/weaknesses we will remain in darkness. One of the most... show more

Is there jobs that let you travel helping Less fortunate countries, or even countries that have been in an unfortunate disaster that need help?? I just want to help make a difference in the world and another people’s life’s around the world that might not have the same opportunities as others. If you have any... show more

Best answer: here's one of many sites w/info - Library Volunteer Collect evaluative data, surveys, and collaborated with Friends Group. Coordinate educational programs such as: zoo day, cooking day, and bowling. Perform clerical duties: answering phones, making copies, shelving materials. Assist patrons with finding... show more

Is atheism a piece of the prophecy?

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I am a 59 year old white conservative male and also a bar-owner. Recently, Blockbuster has decided to close one of their last stores, leaving only one left in the state of Oregon and in the whole US.: This... show more

How can I join one of these sex cults?

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People are trying to kill me?

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Best answer: well, sir, with your kind permission , additional questions are to be asked in real life.... but it sounds to me- until proven otherwise- and assuming no one else saw people outside your window standing and/ or talking....that you might need the professional help of a psychiatrist or so... or else... the... show more

Is God gonna punish you?

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Best answer: It's an open forum. Pray for us to go away.

Why do black people ruin everything?

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Best answer: Dindu nuffin.