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Are sea levels rising or is the ocean floor falling?

12 answers · Global Warming · 18 hours ago
Best answer: Great! Now we can spend a whole lot of taxpayer's money investigating the altitude of the bottom of the sea. Maybe we should send Bill Nye and Al Gore down there to investigate it.

Why are the Carolinas getting snow with global warming?

12 answers · Global Warming · 9 hours ago
I thought global warming was warming up the planet.

Best answer: Forget about CO2. You've been duped. Quote: . “I have yet to see credible proof of carbon dioxide driving climate change, yet alone man-made CO2 driving it." --Dr. G LeBlanc Smith, a retired Principal Research Scientist (geology) with Australia’s CSIRO `

Best answer: The human race is doomed despite bio diversity stats.

What will the world be like in 2000 years?

15 answers · Global Warming · 4 days ago
Best answer: It will still be flat. (joking) The world from space will look much the same as it does now. But down on the surface, most of the ruins of the collapse of civilization would have crumbed back to the soil and become covered with either shifting sands or dense growth. Tribes of humans will still live an early... show more

Best answer: Climates have always changed, even before man roamed the Earth. So is man the cause for climate change now? First of all, you would have to point out a definite climate change. I was born in South Dakota in the 40s. There has been no climate change in that area. Farmers are still farming the same way that they were... show more

How's the earth doing?

16 answers · Global Warming · 5 days ago
So I've been kinda sad... Okay alo t sad about the earth and global warming. I've done almost all I can to help stop that (I live with my family I'm 13 so I have to follow their rules but i compost and I recycle) anyways is global warming atleast... Decreasing?

Surviving nuclear winter?

8 answers · Other - Environment · 3 days ago
What kinds of tips can you offer? Any useful answers would be appreciated.

Are plastic rollup garbage bags bad for the environment?

5 answers · Green Living · 1 day ago
Use reliable sources that I can verify.

Best answer: Lefty people, yes, but lefty politicians, not so much. I suppose Al Gore must be the most famous. He made his big Powerpoint presentation called An Inconvenient Truth. A court in the UK confirmed many errors in that. Then we have Obama propagating the "97% of Scientists" meme. Clearly, he had never... show more

When you are gone for a few days, how do you secure your house?

6 answers · Other - Environment · 3 days ago
Best answer: Locks and dogs.

Best answer: No we can't and I would also mention those bastions of cleanliness, Beijing and Moscow. I think we can trust them to bankrupt us to the point where we can't afford clean air and clean water. Clean air and water is far down on their list of priorities, far below their quest for power and other people's... show more