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Why does California, USA have so many fires?

13 answers · Global Warming · 18 hours ago
Hello, I’m from Ireland but we always hear on the news here that “yet another blaze has broken out in California”. And stuff about “wild fires”. Is it because someone is setting them on fire, Random occurrence, Global warming, Or something else

Best answer: Are you kidding? Not at all - he told the same lies for the earth killing industries like everybody else.

Describe the current management of climate change in the U.S.?

14 answers · Global Warming · 16 hours ago
How is the U.S. government currently dealing with and managing climate change?

Best answer: We don't know. There progression in some places is worse than was thought, while not as bad in other. The problem is that there are second order effects that amplify the trend which take years to develop and that are accordingly not properly modeled. All we know is that the situation is bad, and that morons are... show more

Global warming versus little ice age, your throughts?

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Is CO2 increasing as a result of warming?

15 answers · Global Warming · 3 days ago
One of the regulars (gc) recently said; <<CO2 is being increased by man but CO2 is also being increased because it is getting warmer>> Is that correct? If so, where is the increase coming from? What is the source of this extra CO2? Or, if not correct, where is gc getting it wrong?

Best answer: There is no perfectly accurate prediction of impacts of climate change. All anyone can know is that gaseous carbons like CO and CO2 have "the Greenhouse gas effect". This has been discovered and countlessly tested since the last 1800's. They use miniature models of 'Earth' and sunlight to... show more

Is this bear a Trump fan?

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Best answer: All he would have to do to win the het would be to post a link where you say that climate never changes. Sounds like an easy $10000. Unless you never said that.

How can France expect the US president to get any work done with all this wet yucky water falling onto me even though I didn't even want to go in the first place??

The means is morally justified to achieve a political/ideological goal, i.e., attack corporations, Capitalism and those who oppose a Leftist agenda? Do they really believe they are saving the Earth,and this justifies lies?

Libs If global warming is real then why is it SNOWING?

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Best answer: Global warming is the global "average" temperature increase. Keeping weather records has only been extensive and thorough in more recent times. Each year, record breaking cold temperatures should be expected in several regions and cities. Also expect record breaking hot temperatures in many regions and... show more

Best answer: A suspected planet that is several times further away than Pluto effecting Earth weather? I don't think so.

Just like the Dyson Sphere collects energy from a star, can a simple program of reflectors hypothetically cool the Earth? It seems possible that lightweight reflectors in orbit could be done.

AGW is a lie inspired by political, environmental and economic motives: Socialism, Leftist Environmentalism, and Grant Money while decrying Capitalism.