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Is there really a national emergency happening?

33 answers · Current Events · 1 day ago

Shamima Begum left London in 2015 to join IS. Now pregnant, she wants to return to the UK. Should she be allowed, and if so under what circumstances?

Why are Brexiters so unpatriotic?

20 answers · Current Events · 11 hours ago
Britain's richest man quits the UK: Billionaire Brexiteer Sir James Ratcliffe 'relocates to Monaco in a bid to save £4bn in tax'

Trump is declaring a national emergency. What does that mean?

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Best answer: She should be executed.

Best answer: Some of the British scum still think they are in Empire times

Why is St Valentine's Day ignored in Muslim lands?

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Feminists are welcome to answer

Best answer: The fat orange idiot never mentioned "A national emergency" until he found out he wasn't going to get his "beautiful" Trump Wall.

Is it acceptable for a British man to date a French woman?

13 answers · Current Events · 5 hours ago
Note when I say British and French, I mean the indigenous populations, not the Afro-Carribeans, Indian subcontinentals and Maghrebis that have absurdly been given citizenship in the postwar era.

Best answer: The British Mentality is the product of engineered apathy, lack of accountability, political correctness propagating the "someone else's" fault attitude, police forces only interested in the academics of law enforcement, not collaring villains and I fear its a one-way street. Rewards for doing... show more

Best answer: 😂 Beautiful, so much for the great orange hope. They're our citizens therfore our problem, not the Syrians.

Best answer: Oh grief! So this girl has produced her sprog and it's MALE. Soon to be brainwashed just like his mother was. No, he should stay where he was born - along with his mother. Sad that she was brainwashed into leaving the UK but sometimes people make bum decisions, however made, and the results have to be... show more