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Best answer: I have no idea, honestly. How does one "earn" a star? How hard could it be? The entertainment industry is a hugely bigly self congratulatory cult. And they are patting themselves on the back for excelling for being very good at pretending to be things they are not. That is why they call it... show more

What’s your favorite place to shop?

27 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: walmart and the mall

How much do trampolines usually cost?

11 answers · 3 weeks ago
I'm thinking about purchasing a trampoline to use at the house when I get my own place but the only issue is that I have no idea how much these things usually cost because after all they do make your homeowners insurance go up. So how much money does it usually cost to buy a trampoline?

A moment ago I was stocking some candles at work and on the other end of me about 5 candles moved backwards on their own. Like they had been pushed back by someone but no one was there. I shook the shelf to see if the would move. So It was not just them sliding from shelf movement. They moved on their own.. I know... show more

How weird are you?

9 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Extremely weird.

Best answer: To me, he is still gravely suspicious, I'd prefer to not see him around, he only had to retire and go from public life.

Best answer: looks like nightwolf. Ive had my moments where I was desperate, horny, or drinking lol. We must contain ourselves not to stoop too low to libtards. I know some of them are not bad looking and fit. plus they have stds and would certainly do abortions.

Best answer: Jeesuz! That was 20 years ago Anon. Its possible that you were not born then. I was 54 and still had those 20 years ahead of me, S.hit! Its highly unlikely I've got another 20 years ahead of me. ;-(

Best answer: A bit homosexual... think Kenneth Williams...

Best answer: Yeah I'll be the weird ghost in the corner who says nothing and nobody talks too. More transparent than in life.

Are you praying for Aretha Franklin?

26 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: Yes, she is the Queen of Soul. If you don't, you have no Soul.

It's a comedy, y'all! Get a sense of humor! There is nothing offensive about a playwright wanting to create a show about black slaves in 1860 Mississippi trying to escape from enslavement to search for freedom in New York! And it's a comedy filled with lots of sex, nudity and dirty jokes! The name of my... show more