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Whenever we find a better, more efficient way of doing something the outdated method is completely abandoned. I remember when I was a kid at the doctors surgery there were large rooms with shelves, full of patient records. Now it s all on the computer. Same with floppy disks, morse code, walkman tape... show more

Best answer: The school can only do so much.. When restricted kids just learn to sneak around the system. It’s also up to individual families to teach them compassion and empathy but I’ve already experienced first hand that some parents actually encourage their children to hurt others. When my daughter was being bullied by an... show more

Me and my boyfriend have been together since November, when counting the months we’ve been together so I count novememer (eg November, December, January, February = 4 months) or do I start counting from the next month? (Eg December, January, February = 3 months) always thought it was the second one but so many... show more

Best answer: You can start out with trade skill job and use it to advance to degrees in your best field. A vocational Aptitude test will show you your best field. The ASVAB may help. It's free online.

Best answer: On most IQ scales, a score of 132 would be higher than 98% of other people, and lower than 2% of other people. If you're enrolled at Stanford, Caltech, Carnegie-Mellon, or the like, you might consider transferring to some place where the level of competition isn't so fierce. If you are already at a... show more

How do you calculate your GPA?

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Best answer: You need to know how many points each possible letter grade is assigned. For example, an A is normally a 4.0 and a F is a 0.0. Then just add up all your points and divide by the total number of classes (or credit hours if in college).

Best answer: they nnight

Best answer: I don't think so. Once you graduate high school, you can't go back. If you're wanting to go to college, your best bet would be to start off at the local community college, get your general education classes out of the way, and then transfer to a university.

And if it doesn't does that mean it doesnt really matter what your gpa was when you graduated high school?

Is it all in my head or...?

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So I’m a senior in a catholic high school and i have a teacher who is a priest. I’ve been getting weird vibes from him lately. When we enter his class he holds out his hand so we can greet him and give him a handshake. Lately when I shake his hand he holds my hand for a little longer enough for it not to be a... show more

My gpa wasn't the highest in my first semester of ninth grade. I'm doing better this semester and I'm expected to get about a 3. And thats gonna leave me with a 2.45 for the whole year. My question is if I continue getting 3's maybe a little 2's will I end up with a good gpa.

Best answer: 1. Less light builds more focus and attention on something bc light exposes everything around you and makes it hard to focus. (You focus better with no lights) 2. Bright lights hurt your eyes and can cause retinal damage if lights are too bright. Which reduces focus. 3. Threaten to unscrew all the light... show more

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