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Best answer: NO....and one has yet to be caused by a dog.

I got tested a good few years ago over dyslexia and was given additional support in test in college. A few years I didn’t think I needed it becuase I was doing an art course. I was offered but I was too stubborn to get it done. Come to today I’m doing an apprenticeship and my tutor has now suddenly asked for... show more

like ADHD Aspergerts Autism

Is Amnesia worse than autistic?

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I didn't realize how many people believed in an Ouija Board working. Many people also say it's fake, and I can say I agree with that notion. I was going to use an Ouija Board as a prop, but better safe than sorry. I never used it, I never asked it questions, and I never took it out of the box. Do I need to... show more

Best answer: its their own fault for living pay check to pay check...they made choices that led to that. if finances were that bad, they should have roommates, delayed having kids, etc. unless they had some issue beyond their control such as being forced to flee domestic violence or high medical bills/disability of family... show more

lmao !! Another SWING and a MISS for the libtards.

POLL: do you regrets in life?

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Best answer: Has increased right along with the growth in tech, social media and such. Started right around Bush's reelection and has steadily grown since. The major difference between Trumps coverage and Obama's is how the media portrays both men. Last year over 80% of the news stories generated by the main stream... show more