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OK first of all I'm on ssi cause of having aspurgers syndrome and have both medicaid and medicare I only get $791 a month to live on all of it goes to my bills: water, light, rent, and phone bill I'm left with only $50 left for things I need such as food, bathroom things just the necessities of living so... show more

Why would you keep your credit rating in good standing if you don’t want to buy property or a car?

Best answer: They will go after him for identity theft. he should be the one in court not your mom. if she can prove that he stole her identity and used it to go on vacation he would be in deep trouble.

Should I go bankrupt?

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I haven't been working enough these past 10 years, and have lived mainly on my credit cards. I have accumulated over 30K in credit card debt. I have never missed a payment, and my credit score is 705. But I can't keep making the minimum payments. I can barely make my rent. I am 59 years old, and single.... show more

Is a 600 credit score good?

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Say if I $50 gift card from Walmart and I get stuff for $20 dollars I don't have to pay money do I

Credit Union or a Bank?

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Best answer: credit union

Best answer: The others have already explained that it's not a good idea to max out your credit card, even if you pay it down quickly. Ideally, you spend less than $100 on it each month, then stop. Wait for the statement to come, then pay it in full. Any other purchases should go on a debit card linked to your bank account.

I do not understand since you have to pay a month in advance. So if you fail to pay the cash for the upcoming month then you don't work out. So why the Credit card? They say its so if you don't pay, but again you have to pay a month in advance. I have talked to management but the will not budge on this. I... show more

I went to the hospital a year and a half ago. I was paying my bill and then it was sent to collection agency and I started paying them. I owe less than $100 and wanted to make my final payment but it would not allow me to do so. I called the collection bureau and they said that the hospital had cancelled my... show more

How does CareCredit work?

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Anyone had/have it? Is there hidden fees? Is it a scam? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I have decent income but bad credit. I don t even know where to start as far as credit repair. Any suggestions on the steps of where to start?

I have a credit 1 bank credit card, I have $8.00 in available credit. If I pay off my $481.66 because before the due date of the 20th of this month like on the 14th, will I have $500 of available credit again after I pay it off on the 20th or even the 14th? Or is this just per month I can have $500 of credit, or... show more

i am stumped. If i go openva bank account will they accept a bank card?