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Best answer: Not at all. You can use a seat cushion in your truck. Just make sure it is sturdy. There is no law in Canada, that says you cannot use one. Also, there may be a button on the side bottom of the seat cushion, where you can adjust it to go up and down, and back and forth. Most cars and trucks have them. If... show more

Cannot get used to driving?

13 answers · 3 weeks ago
I'm learning to drive. Turning on the headlights, watching for oncoming traffic, easing out into the road, turning turn signal on (THE RIGHT WAY) is all too much for me to process. My father yelling at me the whole time too didn't help at all. I never want to drive again, and I get sad just thinking about... show more

Best answer: It makes you wonder why they had three owners at 90,000 miles and back up for sale again. Jaguar had a reputation for being buggy and the half laugh recommendation was to buy them after 100K because all the repairs would be done by then. The problem with an older car is that organic materials rot which not only... show more

I wanted to ask a question regarding a teenager wanting to sit in a stage 3 booster seat with the 5 point harness he is 17 years old and wants to always sit in one I think it’s kinda weird, but wanted to get feedback on this to see how I can deal with it properly

Almost got in a car accident?

21 answers · 4 weeks ago
I have 2 questions I guess. So today I was on the highway (55mph speed limit) everybody was coming off a red light so there was people in front and behind me. Everybody was getting up to speed and when everyone was at 55 all of the sudden the huge car in front of me slams on their brakes for a red light. I can’t... show more

We were driving in the far left lane that is next to the turning lane, In that lane was a stopped car because he had a red arrow and couldn't turn. We had the green light to continue straight. We were about 100 feet away from the intersection and crosswalk and out of nowhere a young man on a skateboard dashed... show more

My brother and I have been having a discussion about whether or not a lane I often drive in is a bus lane or not. He argues that is it a bus only and a right turn only lane. He backs this up by “I have a CDL, so I know what I am talking about. You just have a class C license”. I argue that there are no arrows on... show more

Best answer: LOL Who stated that you have to help pay? The driver? Did you tell the driver to pass the other vehicle at 30 km/h over the speed limit? Did you have partial control over the vehicle, specifically the accelerator pedal? The cop? I doubt cop would every say that. The short answer is you do not have to... show more

Best answer: Not as long as they never wreck. The state government needs all the money they pay for speeding tickets.

For the last month or so my mothers car has had an issue with a faulty fuel injector but she can't afford to fix it. The car emits lots of smoke and we often smoke people out from behind. It also smells strongly of gas/diesel fuel when you are outside it, or inside it every time the car stops. I often have to... show more

Who is at fault?

8 answers · 1 month ago
There is a multi lane, people on the left lane and on the right lane cut people off in the middle lane because they get stuck in the lane since the cars are obstructed by oncoming cars or pedestrians. I was driving in the middle lane and so many cars were stuck on the left lane since a car wanted to turn left. I... show more

Best answer: I don't think society is going to change course, it will continue to get worse as long as people think more is better. My neighbor bought a new car with hatch back. It opens and closes by control of the computer. It quit working. He was told he needed a new computer, and it was not under warranty. $1500. ... show more

Best answer: If u saw a pedestrian on a crosswalk and u needed to stop to turn on a stop sign anyway why da fck did u block the crosswalk? Rude as fck. Van driver is.