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I've read "Hunger Games", "Brave New World" and other books, as well as, seen several scifi movies and films. One day, I decided to compare modern science fiction media with those from the 1900s and further back. I came to realize the differences in tones between the two time periods. Books,... show more

Best answer: Why would you want to insert snippets of Japanese dialogue into a story that's being written in English? If you plan to insert untranslated dialogue, English speakers would simply skip right over it as practically none of us can read any of the three writing systems used to render Japanese. And if you plan to... show more

How long do you read a book?

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I just read about 20 minutes but I sure would like to read more. And stay out of trouble

I mean like flaws that don't contradict their behavior/aren't too random, something that makes sense.

Need cool old boy names FAST?

17 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Bocon It means giant mouth.

Best answer: Tony Bennett, Just Getting Started. It is interesting because of his longevity and the book has photos of his paintings which are pretty good.

Hello everyone. First, I just want to make it clear I'm not considering this particular pen because of the movie character. Second, the movie and its sequel were made about 10 or 11 years ago, and it's not a particularly big blockbuster and the character isn't iconic or well known (that being said, the... show more

Best answer: Attics are often associated with the spiritual. They are the places one would expect to find a candlelight ritual to contact the dead or to summon a being from another dimension. They are also associated with the higher senses involving thought and feeling. They are places for secrets and emotional... show more

So the character is made up obviously. They are a teenage boy named Alexander, small, shy, black hair, gorgeous eyes, but are referred to as Xander the entire story. So something that sounds good both with the full name and nickname. Also their brothers name is Aiden so something that sounds good with that name as... show more

I’m currently writing a book about money laundering and all that kinda stuff and I want a really creative way of smuggling money across the border? I do have a few but I wanted to see if anyone could come up with better ones because this type of stuff kinda fascinates me as well. Also please don’t judge me for... show more

How much is my book worth?

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Best answer: Your book is part of a five volume set. The full set is worth about $100 in good condition. One book of the set in poor condition as you describe might sell for $10 if you're lucky.

It costs like $20 per book, and to publish would be 2-300 dollars, so by the time I did that, and let's say sell them for 8.99, to maybe $10, How am I supposed to make any money from this? I'd be blowing more money than I actually make.

So I'm writing a story and I need help with first and middle names. Some for a girl, others for boys. The last name is going to be Flores. Thanks guys!! <33