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Best answer: Your boyfriend is lying to you so you’ll have sex with him. Don’t do it unless you are comfortable with it and feel ready, don’t let him pressure you into something you don’t want to do.

Best answer: I just hope it's not a pop-up book.

Why don't you get a job ?

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Best answer: From the top of the highest peak (29035 feet) to the lowest point in the oceans (36200) ... Measured from sea-level...

Best answer: I seriously hope she is "master race" material. She is one of the most beautiful females I have seen in my life. One of the prettiest females of English racial appearance I have laid eyes upon. One of this island's finest. I love her perfectly formed facial features and look of teenage innocence.... show more

Best answer: Gee. You're so wonderful.

Best answer: Surely there is something you find pleasing to look at right. A pretty dress, a nice car, a cute kitty.

Keep in mind those women are rich and famous now thanks to Bill

Awkard moment with Neighbor...?

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Best answer: Just continue to be friendly to her

Best answer: Certainly America lost

Best answer: Biden and Clinton would grope her, Acosta would karate chop her to the ground, then Avenatti and Ellison would kick her till she turned purple.