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a note saying "You're a terrorist! I'm gonna kill you!" Unbelievable! They're threatening to kill her for no reason, and they have the nerve to call HER a terrorist???

Should I drop out of school?

7 answers · 1 day ago
Best answer: Holly, you have maybe one more month of school left for this year where you are, and then you'll be out for the summer and can focus on something else for a while. You can stick it out for another month, believe me. And dropping out is NOT the way to go, unless you want to spend the rest of your life doing... show more

Am I being bullied at school?

17 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: Actually, I have the same problem but I'm too scared to tell anyone... But This is sexual harassment! Don't leave it like it's normal! I'm being serious, and you have to do these the next time you're at school: - Keep away from him - TELL A TEACHER!! DO IT!! - If the teachers don't believe... show more

Best answer: You are a legal adult, could have thrown that in there, you are a teen, and yes. You are still a kid in the greater scheme of things.

My daughter in 2nd grade is in private school and they had a hot dog day lunch last week, my daughter's lunch (hot dog) fell on the floor and she asked, reported the teacher in charge of the lunch to replace it but the teacher just told her to eat it because it will not harm her and there is no more hotdog, my... show more

Best answer: The 1990s was the final decade of the 20th century, which by definition is from 1900-1999. The General public is correct, you're horribly wrong. Albert Einstein would be ashamed of you. Also, calling people 'stupid autistic' is very rude, so you owe us an apology.

Best answer: Well, dabble in a bit of everything and don’t listen to outside people telling you what fields you should and shouldn’t go into. If you really want to be successful, you should experiment in a bit of everything. If you want to go to college, APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND FAFSA YOUR SENIOR YEAR. Major in something you... show more

Im failing highschool?

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I am a sophmore and I have low F's in every class. I have 3 weeks till the quarter ends and im completley panicing. I have never failed a class in my life and I feel like ive been working so hard yet I dont get anything done. I could have gotten my temps a couple months back but my mom wont let me because of my... show more

My Spanish teacher showed us a documentary about Mexicans illegally traveling across the border. In it, they said that the Mexican government has an entire program dedicated to helping them cross illegally. Why wouldn t they try to make the country a better place to live so people don t have to risk their lives and... show more

School and free time?

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Best answer: Have you tried listening to audio books or podcasts on the bus? If you can get your English books in Audio book form, then you won't have to read them at home later. You might also like listening to podcasts. There are ones about every topic possible, so pick something you're interested in (working out,... show more

My son is in advanced math for 8th grade (algebra). In every other year before 8th grade he never got below a 90 on his report cards or tests. He just got his first test back and it was a 35. Why are my sons grades dropping so much and how does he fix it? This isn’t happening in any other of his classes so I am... show more

when I was young the nuns did this and bullies were punished.